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Understand your ideal audience and what drives them to work with you.

Expert: Karen Hilts - Web Developer and Inbound Marketing

If you know what your ideal client or customer look like, the next thing you need to understand is what drives them to make a decision to work with you? The makings of a great relationship are the key to any marketing plan and generally you will find yourself working with a variety of people but your best clients will likely have most of the following characteristics:

  • They have a problem you can solve.
  • They know working with you is essential
  • They will pay you what your worth without hesitation.
  • They will refer people to you.
  • You like them, they like you and they love what you offer.


About 30% of the people you connect with, the answer to working with you will be a flat out NO. Why?

  • They have too many excuses,
  • aren't ready to hear your message,
  • think they have a handle on things,
  • Are not financially able to pay you
  • There is a logistics issue (location)
  • They have mental blocks or limiting beliefs towards your solution.
  • They are too caught up in their own ego to listen to your expertise.


Another 3% will say YES because they were already looking for your help, and their problem has been keeping them awake at night. They want the end result you promise to give.


The other 67% of the people are the one's often overlooked and no one is marketing to them. We're so busy looking for the sure YES people and avoiding the NO people we forget about this entire segment of potential prospects that are out there for us to tap into.

This audience can be broken down even further where:

  • 30% didn't even know you were solving a problem they had. They may have lived with their problem for so long, they were unconscious of their real issues. They might not know you exist or that you can solve their issue. They aren't actively seeking a solution until it is brought into their awareness.
  • 30% are aware of their problem and that a solution like yours exists and might even have you on their radar but are hanging out, getting to know you better before taking the leap. They might be on the look out for someone with your type of expertise, and when they stumble upon you, will be open to following your expertise. They want to make sure you are exactly what they need before making any decisions or building a relationship with you. They are your lurkers hiding in the background.
  • The last 7 % have already found you, are open to your solution, your expertise and potentially working with you but have not jumped off the fence yet. They are already likely building a relationship with you and soaking in all the educational based content you can provide. They browse your shops, website, webinars, social media, newsletter, etc and consume as much expertise as you share but haven't taken the final leap to work with you.


These 3 areas make up 67% of total audiences you are likely unaware you're depriving of your expertise.


How do we tap into this 67%?

Educational based marketing in the form of content that speaks directly to this population. Use your website blog for what it's meant to do - attract an audience!

We need to be sensitive to this 67% market. They may not know they even have the problem your solving. By addressing the problems or pain points they have, you as the expert can use educational based content to steer them into your direction and “educate” them on their problem and how, what you offer, could be a potential solution.

Also, using language even a fifth grader could understand is also important in your educational based content. If you start throwing out terminology that they don't understand, you'll lose them quickly.

You should always think...

"What issue would someone be doing a SEARCH for that I can solve? Who is the person? What is the specific issue? How can my expertise help them?"

Then use your content to educate them on their problem and introduce them to your solution.  They should read the first paragraph and decide immediately if your speaking to them and they landed in the right place to get further answers. They should be saying "This was written for me!"

The type of education, you are giving newcomers, should address their issues, which is the reason they are seeking you out in the first place. The words you use should be specific to their problem and the specific audience type.

People should  ...

  1. want to read the rest of your content
  2. consume further content and bookmark your site
  3. want to follow you further on social networks
  4. see you as an expert

You're working to attract new people who may have no idea what method's you use, they just know that you're giving them the end destination, so leave the teaching and the EXACT HOW for whatever package or service you offer them. Don't give away the farm. Leave it for your offering.

Your odds of succeeding with 67% of the population vs focusing on the 3% are much higher. So tune in your content to speak to those people in a client attractive way that allows them to see themselves having the end result. THEN give them the result with your products, packages, programs or services.


Great References: Callan Rush, Wealth Through Workshops 2013

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