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The science behind 6 degrees of separation

Expert: Karen Hilts - ACE Your Biz - Online Web Business Management

How connected are you to people 1000's of miles away? Closer then you think. Someone you know, knows someone who knows someone who knows someone etc who knows a person 1000's of miles away.

Think about a previous networking meeting where, in a conversation, you hear a name of someone you know and suddenly you find yourself saying, "I know that person, what a small world!" We're all connected in 6 degrees or less.

So that next customer lead, that next client, that next joint venture partner, that next solution, that next anything is just a connection or a few away.  It all begins with an introduction.

In the video below, you will see how this is possible and why your next lead, client, customer or resource might just be a few degrees away.  Watch the video below and then check out the Elite Circle Mastermind to begin utilizing this knowledge to elevate your connections to the right people you want to be connected to.


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