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Tag: relationships

The science behind 6 degrees of separation

How connected are you to people 1000’s of miles away? Closer then you think. Someone you know, knows someone who knows someone who knows someone etc who knows a person 1000’s of miles away. Think about a previous networking meeting where, in a conversation, you hear a name of someone […]

How can an Akashic Reading help you?

Akashic Records (A.R.) was made popular by Edgar Cayce in the west. However, this is not new for the followers of eastern philosophy, and spirituality. The basic premise behind it is, that your ‘soul never dies’ and whatever deeds we carry out in our life times are written in indelible […]

A Social Media Secret….shhhh

A Social Media Secret….shhhh Shhhhh….I’ve got a little secret and if you promise to use it wisely I will share it with you! It’s no secret that social media marketing has become one of the most effective and most used marketing methods out there today. The beauty of it is, […]

How relationships can help grow your business in Niagara Region

We’ve put together a checklist of all the reasons why building relationships is vital to your Niagara business and how we, at Get it in Niagara, can help you connect with the right relationships to help grow your business.