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Be Genuine or FAKE it till you make it?

In business, it is important for customers or clients to trust in your expertise. If you’re just starting out and relatively unknown, the temptation to embellish your message or “fake it till you make it” is more common advice given then you think. Being genuine means you are being real, honest and sincere […]

Entrepreneurship Skills – Follow-Up and Follow Through

My friend called when I was out. My son answered the phone. I got the message when I got home late that evening. It was after ten, too late to call back. Based on my schedule that week, I knew it would be at least two days before I could […]

How relationships can help grow your business in Niagara Region

We’ve put together a checklist of all the reasons why building relationships is vital to your Niagara business and how we, at Get it in Niagara, can help you connect with the right relationships to help grow your business.