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Tag: Affirmations

[VIDEO] Mariola Czarniak on Happiness

Mariola is such a charming young woman, who knows what it takes to raise a family, be a loving and devoted wife, and be successful in her endeavours. Every time we get together, we go on and on sharing our ideas and things we have learned. It is so much […]

[VIDEO] Anna Hill on Happiness

Anna is a Happiness Ambassador. She has built her career around Happiness and is doing great.  She is so lovely and fun to be around. I met her back in the days when I used to have a photography studio in my home. She came with her work partner to […]

Block Scheduling

Block scheduling. What is it, and how does it help you get more done in less time? This simple strategy has helped me manage multiple businesses, my two kids, travel, and my household effectively for the past two years. Block scheduling is a method used by entrepreneurs to divide their […]

JOIN US IN TORONTO ON FRIDAY!! My Kids’ and My First Book Signing!!

JOIN US IN TORONTO ON FRIDAY!! My Kids’ and My First Book Signing!! Wow.  It’s beyond exciting.  My two young children are now published authors and illustrators.  Words can’t express the pride I feel when I think about what my they have accomplished, despite everything they’ve been through.  It’s been […]

3 Genius Strategies to Help You become a Master at Work-Life Balance

Raise your hand if you feel like your life is ruled by your phone. You take a coffee “break” during work, but end up refreshing your inbox constantly. You dash off just one more email before turning off your light, but are still left feeling like there just aren’t enough […]

The Challenge of Getting Exposure as an Author

Well, first of all! Good on you! You have finally written it! You have written that book that you have been living to write! This is not only huge accomplishment, but it is an admirable venture! Now it is time to get selling. You’ve probably sold your first 100 books […]

MailChimp Announcement: Marketing Automation for Everyone

We’ve got BIG news and it’s coming to you straight from the source. Presenting MailChimp’s FREE email automation. By using MailChimp you can create custom email campaigns to grow your business. It’s FREE and easier than ever Mailchimp’s free service has made it so you can personalize you email campaigns […]

Keeping Your Home Organized with Expert Julie Stobbe

Is your home full of clutter that your not ready to part with? Julie Stobbe from Mind Over Clutter and Alastiar Birt from Royal LePage team up with Market Savvy & Co to tackle some home owner’s biggest challenge…the storage issue. Watch the Video with great tips for closet organization.