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How to close 3x as many clients

Expert: Special Training Announcement !!!

How much easier would your life be if I handed you the sales script that consistently makes me thousands of dollars?

Would you want it?

I hope you said yes.

Because I agree. Running a business should be easy and you should be making more money. And if you’re not satisfied with your profits, there’s a very good chance that the breakdown happens at the most important point in any business transaction- the point of sale!

The truth is, my friend and founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™, Kate Beeders, built her business very fast when she finally realized that it wasn’t rocket science.

All it takes a 50/50 blend of proven strategy and solid mindset to start mastering your sales conversations and it starts with a script that’s built on a common goal of transformation, NOT a self-centered goal of manipulation.

Kate has taught this same sales training to her private clients and watched many of them double, in some cases TRIPLE their profits in less than a year. And best of all? They actually started to LOVE sales!

But what if you’re an introvert?

What if you’re just not a natural born talker?

Kate gets it. She’s not either. But that hasn’t stopped her from building the exact business she imagined for herself. (In fact, it’s even better than she imagined!)

This is the script that changes lives!

On March 21th, she’s giving it to you for FREE.

Click Here to Signup
That’s right. Kate’s holding a free training that will teach you the exact words that she uses to close her sales and consistently enjoy multi-six figure years.

Effortless Enrollment Secrets <<<< click here to join>>>
Here’s what you’ll get:

• The secret to leading the sales conversation without feeling pushy or manipulative
• The exact words you can use to position your offer as the perfect solution to their problem
• The sales mastery secrets that guide the client from “not sure” to “where do I sign?”

And much more.

Kate will also share some inside stories of my own and a few from clients who have used this exact sales training to double their profits.

This information is typically sold for $997 but for just this week you can get full access for FREE.

Here’s the link to sign up

I’m sure you get a lot of webinar invites but make no mistake, sales should be your number one priority and I doubt you’ve heard it taught like this! Give your bottom line a boost and save your spot!

Take it a step further and Join Kate's 8 Week LIVE Training - Plus Access Great Bonuses

Begins April 4th, 2017

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