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How can an Akashic Reading help you?

Expert: Pushpa Bansal - Master Empowerment Coach

Akashic Records (A.R.) was made popular by Edgar Cayce in the west. However, this is not new for the followers of eastern philosophy, and spirituality.

The basic premise behind it is, that your 'soul never dies' and whatever deeds we carry out in our life times are written in indelible ink in the 'Ether' or 'Akasha.' It's a "sanskrit" word meaning 'the sky' which is, within us, and around us. It is like a huge library or a database of records of our journey so far. It is the connection with the universal mind (consciousness) and from this state comes the A.R. readings.

Think of an A.R. reading as a detailed movie of your spiritual lifetime. It contains every thought, action, desire, and experience that has existed for your soul since time began. It is the imprint of your existence in spiritual form that documents your history, progression, gifts, and purpose. It is your spiritual energetic library or database that exists on a plane, that we can tap into, when we become aware of it. This plane called “ether or Akash” is where these imprints are recorded and stored for all eternity.

One can ask questions about the one's health, relationship, life's purpose, what traits you are born with and what traits you are developing now, etc. Readings and insights can offer practical help and advice to individuals.

While your physical body only exists in this lifetime, our soul existed before entering our physical body and continues to exist after our physical body dies. When soul takes on physical form at birth, awareness of past experience is forgotten. We don’t remember what imprints came before our current physical state.

Like a fresh new start, we may live life fully unaware or oblivious to this knowing of past imprints. We live life seeking our purpose and plan or creating our legacy. Along the way we may encounter moments that seem familiar or even deja vu like, or moments that don’t meet our mapped out blueprint or obstacles that keep us from where we know we want to go. We begin to question these moments and seek answers.

In our minds, we know what we want, but we encounter this obstacle in our path. Perhaps it’s not the first time this obstacle has been encountered? Perhaps the answer is found in your A. R. reading where you discover and understand how you have created your present life experiences through your past deeds and choices. A plan for this lifetime was already set by 'you' before your present life began, and tapping into answers will help you succeed this time around on many levels.

Having the skill set to tap into the A. R. is a rare gift that few are able to fully tap into. While you can tap into your own record a skilled expert can guide you through the process, tapping into guides (beings of light that track your information) to find answers for you and make the accessed information useful to you.

You can experience your own reading!

You can have an individual and personal experience or invite others to join you as a group to do a reading. Each has its own benefits.

A personal reading offers you the opportunity to have a question answered that will allow you to overcome an obstacle or perhaps bring healing to an area of your life.

A group reading offers support from open minded people who you could also tap into as a resource once your reading has been done. It provides a fun way of connecting with others while being in a supportive environment.

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Source: Pushpa Bansal

Pushpa  Bansal
Pushpa Bansal is an EFT and NLP Master Practitioner assisting clients to live their best life in and around the Niagara Region.
Visit: Website

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