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Fears and Obstacles to finding clients

Expert: Karen Hilts - Owner Get it in Niagara / Websites to Profits

Do the words "cold-calling, prospecting or finding referrals" leave you with a pit in your stomach at the mere thought? Perhaps these words strike fear in your system? Perhaps they sound like a lot of work or you think you need confidence and experience to be able to do them. Perhaps they feel like pushy sales tactics and you remember a time when some stranger banged on your door to sell you something and was relentless to make their way into the door to do their pitch. Perhaps you fear getting the NO reaction.

If any of these ring true to you, then you're in the right place.

The truth is not everyone operates the same way. For some, these techniques might be easy and come naturally, while for others they feel inauthentic and evasive. But is it an obstacle? It doesn't have to be. There are ways to accomplish the same goal without feeling inauthentic, pushy and salesy. It's called attraction marketing and builds on some key marketing principles that allow potential clients or customers to build a relationship with you that is built on the "Know, Like and Trust" factor's.

The simple fact is, more people will buy from you because they know you, like you and trust you. You will get far more "YES" responses when a relationship has been established. Sometimes this might be on a personal level and sometimes it is built on a "brand" level.

Relationships take time to create. For those people who operate small businesses, finding those people can be difficult. How do you get in front of those people without having to feel inauthentic? Is networking getting you the results you long for? Is anyone thinking of you when they walk out the door?

Tap into your current relationships to get introduced to people they are connected to and bring those people inside your circle. Nurture the relationships and treat them with care, same as you would honour the relationship with the person who introduced you. Grow your circle of connections first and get to know those people, provide them with value, and develop your likeability factor with them. Relationship building develops trust and openness and feels so much better then cold-calling and prospecting.

Learn how to ASK for what you want from the people who already know, like and trust you. These are the people that already support you, your business and your vision. If they sincerely support you, they will not hesitate to share you with people they know. Build a circle of collaborators that continuously place you in front of people they know. But don't just make this a 1 way street, be generous in your own introductions as well. Collaboration is a joint effort.

Inside our members area, we show solo and small business owners how to attract clients through attraction marketing in a simple, easy to follow strategy that places you in front of the right people consistently month after month and attracts clients to you in a way that feels awesome.

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