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The science behind 6 degrees of separation

How connected are you to people 1000’s of miles away? Closer then you think. Someone you know, knows someone who knows someone who knows someone etc who knows a person 1000’s of miles away. Think about a previous networking meeting where, in a conversation, you hear a name of someone […]

Gifts from the Heart Holiday Campaign – Celebrating 7 Years!

Niagara on the Lake, ON (November 1, 2017) Give a gift that feels good this holiday season by joining Red Roof Retreat in celebrating their 7th Annual Gifts from the Heart Holiday Campaign! The 7th annual campaign goal will help them provide another year of respite and recreational programs for […]

Lisa Nichols on What it takes to transform your life, a story of inspiration.

If you are struggling in your life, job, health, finances or relationships and feel like there is no light at the end of tunnel, this video is for you.

Fears and Obstacles to finding clients

Do the words “cold-calling, prospecting or finding referrals” leave you with a pit in your stomach at the mere thought? Perhaps these words strike fear in your system? Perhaps they sound like a lot of work or you think you need confidence and experience to be able to do them. […]

Understand your ideal audience and what drives them to work with you.

If you know what your ideal client or customer look like, the next thing you need to understand is what drives them to make a decision to work with you? The makings of a great relationship are the key to any marketing plan and generally you will find yourself working with […]

10 ways to rank higher on search engines

One of the most common questions I get about website building has to do with “How to get my website on page 1 of google?” Search Engine optimization is always changing and can be time consuming, but there are a few good steps that remain consistent. So how can you […]

3 Quick and Cheap ways to grow your email list when you don’t have one

If you don’t have an audience to share your business with, you simply won’t make sales. Promoting your business is vital and marketing can be expensive. If you have a new business, you have probably heard (over and over) that you need an email list. If you’re promoting online, a […]

How to close 3x as many clients

How much easier would your life be if I handed you the sales script that consistently makes me thousands of dollars? Would you want it? I hope you said yes. Because I agree. Running a business should be easy and you should be making more money. And if you’re not […]