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Affirming Arts Line

Stop working ALONE in your solo business

Working alone is a tough job. As someone who has been working solo for over 10 years, I know the challenges that come from working alone in your business, especially when you’re taking a leap into a new venture. I did exactly that, 10 years ago, when I quit my […]

Do You Want To Open Your Own Business? Use The Business Model Canvas To Map It Out

The Business Model Canvas Explained Startup entrepreneurs usually groan when we mention business planning. If you are thinking of starting a business, then using the business model canvas strategy takes a lot of stress out of organizing your thoughts and will make writing your business plan a lot easier. A […]

On Fedoras and Regret

A short clip from the fourth episode of Advice Cream. In response to a question about what to drink/wear at a bar to appear more attractive, Tony and Wes discuss men’s fashion and Wes’s bad decision’s from 5 or so years ago. A basic taste of what Advice Cream is […]

To HAVE or Not to HAVE a website?

Having a website is a HUGE thing for any business. In my years of being a web developer it still surprises me when I find business owners who don’t have a website for their business. The common reason (aka excuse) I get told is, “that I get enough business from […]

Let go of your Pain & Fatigue

Does this sound like you? “I’m always tired—it doesn’t matter how long I sleep!” “I can’t catch up on everything I need to do.” “I’m always feeling down in the dumps.” “My whole body hurts! If it’s not my back, it’s my shoulders or my feet.”  I hear them over […]

Create.Build.Inspire.™ is changing lives once again!

Create.Build.Inspire.™ is aiming to help empower the lives of over 50,000 people in the month of March through their Affirming Animals™ product line. Affirming Animals™ are designed to transform the inner and outer lives of people of all ages by reinforcing positive, healing, and empowering messages. Messages are hand-drawn and embedded beautifully […]