St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

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Mind Shift Masterclass- March 3, 2018 – St. Catharines (Updated Workshop Date)

Uncover your path to an extraordinarily successful life! Are you “living the dream” or “settling for mediocre”? Someone once said, “ If you DO, what you have always DONE, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD!” To get higher results, you’ll need to move to a higher emotional frequency […]

Be Genuine or FAKE it till you make it?

In business, it is important for customers or clients to trust in your expertise. If you’re just starting out and relatively unknown, the temptation to embellish your message or “fake it till you make it” is more common advice given then you think. Being genuine means you are being real, honest and sincere […]

[VIDEO] Mariola Czarniak on Happiness

Mariola is such a charming young woman, who knows what it takes to raise a family, be a loving and devoted wife, and be successful in her endeavours. Every time we get together, we go on and on sharing our ideas and things we have learned. It is so much […]

[VIDEO] Anna Hill on Happiness

Anna is a Happiness Ambassador. She has built her career around Happiness and is doing great.  She is so lovely and fun to be around. I met her back in the days when I used to have a photography studio in my home. She came with her work partner to […]

How to bring success to the most important areas of your life.

What is the most important thing in your life? Family? Love and Relationships? Health and Fitness? Career? Finance? Personal Growth? All of the Above? This question always ends up in answering the ‘all of the above’. If you are experiencing issues in one or more areas of your life, most […]

How can an Akashic Reading help you?

Akashic Records (A.R.) was made popular by Edgar Cayce in the west. However, this is not new for the followers of eastern philosophy, and spirituality. The basic premise behind it is, that your ‘soul never dies’ and whatever deeds we carry out in our life times are written in indelible […]

Why learn NLP?

Why learn NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the physiology and psychology of behavioural excellence. Human’s possess cognitive abilities (knowing, perceiving, memory, judgement, reasoning) that are far more superior than other creatures.  We have greater levels of neuronal activity (impulse/nerve) and plasticity (adapting with changes), and NLP not only utilizes it but also helps […]

If you want to be successful, you need to master this…

The “map” is NOT the TERRITORY! But, What does it mean? People respond and make choices according to how they perceive the world and NOT necessarily the absolute reality. Our perception of reality IS our own version of it and is our “map”. We often say, “Stand in my shoes!” […]