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[VIDEO] Anna Hill on Happiness

Expert: Amy Thomson - Owner Create. Build Inspire.

Anna is a Happiness Ambassador. She has built her career around Happiness and is doing great.  She is so lovely and fun to be around. I met her back in the days when I used to have a photography studio in my home. She came with her work partner to have their photos done cover of Defyeneurs magazine. And we had a blast!!


Here is more about Anna:


Anna Hill is the founder and CEO of Nicknamed the “Coach of All Things Happiness”, Anna established her company (then HiTeach) in 1989 to empower people to embrace personal computing technology and software, not to fear it. Fast forward to 2013 as Anna’s focus shifted from computer software to clients’ “software for the soul”...empowering people to find happiness within!

Anna is passionate about guiding people to find their “groove”. She helps them recognize that we own our own happiness; that it doesn’t come from, nor is stolen by other people, circumstances or things! She also recognizes that many of us have internal blocks that prevent us from fully engaging in our happiness. As a Registered Hypnotherapist, Anna can help her clients get past that “little voice in their head” and BELIEVE that they can achieve anything with the right attitude and perseverance!

Born and raised in Canada, Anna has made Milton, ON her home. For over 33 years she has shared her life with hubby Roger and two grown children. A self-defined cruising junkie, in her time off she loves to travel to warm places with palm trees.

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Source: Amy Thomson

Amy  Thomson
Creative Clarity Coach - Amy Thomson is an award-winning creative director, coach, author and speaker. She helps people gain clarity in their lives, get clear on their purpose and plans; and she creates opportunities for people to realize their greatness.

Amy is the creator of Affirming Animals™, FUNaTHON™ Multi-Giving Initiative, Affirming Arts™ Creative Collaborative and the Empower 50,000 People Project.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."--Gandhi
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